Trac d.o.o.

Process, Systems and Engineering

About us

TRAC d.o.o. is a general contractor taking overall management responsibility for projects involving the turnkey construction of automation systems, which:

  • brings together and organises the necessary expertise for design, development, construction and logistics
  • develops complex process control software on multiple platforms
  • concentrates mainly on the most highly specialised aspects of the production line
  • provides full logistical support
  • installs and commissions complex multiple-interface systems (handling, transfer and data processing)
  • controls electrical cabinets construction, as well as the assembly of certain subassemblies in our own workshop
  • has developed a solid network of specialist subcontractors

Company is engaged in development activity applied to the field of process control and automation of production processes. By using our own knowledge and experience
we want to actively participate in building technologically advanced manufacturing processes in our country and elsewhere in the world.

Company strategy

Basic strategy of the company is highly development. This means that the company deals exclusively with the development activity in the industrial automation, with emphasis
on the pharmaceutical industry. We see our company in the industry as problem solver. Above all, we want to work with production companies, which, despite the flood of various
technological solutions is still a problem of integrated and efficient solutions to the specific production process. This means that we appear in the role of system integrator, because
we always look at the specific production process within the overall organizational structure. Many companies are highly focused and offer a unique solution of one part of the
production process (e.g., individual instruments, computers, etc…). In our company we first want to become aware of a potential customer in detail before we start on a project.
We want to recognize the working process on base of interviews and observations and then suggest appropriate solutions. So we are trying to put ourselves in the role of
client and come to solutions that are optimal for a particular business process. In this way the customer always gets what he wants and more, since the interviews also
illuminate hidden problems.

Fields of activity

Complete engineering for the realization of turnkey projects:

  •  we determine the objectives and requirements in collaboration with the client
  • create projects
  • select and deliver low-voltage, controller and measuring control equipment
  • produce software for programmable logic controllers and control systems
  • install equipment and put it into operation
  • produce user documentation
  • Educate staff for end user
  • maintain warranty and post-warranty equipment
  • advise, manage and monitor the implementation of the project

Automation of production processes:

  • remote monitoring, management and review of the manufacturing process
  • access to all data at all times
  • immediate location of any errors
  • ensure the timely switch on-off
  • measurement of quantities appearing in the production process
  • collection and archiving of data on different computer systems

In our work we use the following tools:

  • EPLAN plans for the design of electric schematics
  • iFix for control and visualization of production processes
  • Oracle SQL Server to work with databases
  • Crystal Reports to create reports
  • Siemens Simatic equipment for the control of individual production processes
  • Borland C + + Builder

Development of own products:

  • measuring equipment for installation  in the production process (beta-gage, densitometer)
  • industrial terminals (uot-1)
  • microcontrollers for telemetry systems
  • software for microcontrollers (8051 family, PIC16xxx, Texas Instruments)
  • software on different operating systems (DOS, UNIX, MS Windows)
  • instruments for medical use


Design of computer systems in the pharmacy is conducted in accordance with following recommendations and standards:

  • GAMP Version 5.0 (the validation of automated systems in pharmaceutical industry)
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (digital signature)
  • ANSI/ISA-S88.01-1995 (batch processing – Part 1)
  • ANSI/ISA-88.00.02-2001 (batch processing – Part 2)